03.20.09 "Metric America" Today's photo isn't the most exciting but it does have it's own story. According to our local "mini" paper, we live by the only section of U.S. interstate road marked in metric. A 100 kilometer or 63 mile section of I-19 is marked like the photo you see here. The markers were placed here in 1980 as a part of a federal experiment with metric conversion. It was very unpoplular, caused a lot of complaints and confused drivers. Yet, we still have it 30 years later. Now the state has proposed taking out those signs and replacing them with mile markers. Now, there is a lot of fuss going on about that based on the economy and should we spend 1.5 million to replace it with the state budget in crisis. Personally, I don't care. They are unique and I can convert so no big deal for me but the first time you drive on it you really can't tell how far things are unless you can remember your metric conversions quickly. We moved here 4 years ago and didn't really know the story until just this week. I'd love to hear your opinion! I had to pull over in the emergency area to snap this photo quickly, sorry about the less than exciting composition! - clnkblank
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